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Infrared Technologies Canada, Inc. offers handheld cameras and fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems. We are at the forefront of engineering and designing custom fixed or mobile thermal imaging systems. Detecting by land, water, or air we can design a system to suit your specific needs.


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Thermal-Eye 4000B
The 4000B is offered for the law enforcement, security and surveillance markets. The 4000B combines an infrared video camera with a pan and tilt positioning platform, which are operated via a cabled joystick controller and allow the operator to point the camera as needed. The infrared video image is displayed on any TV monitor. The system is internally and externally designed to withstand the rigors of mobile and land-based outdoor environments.

NIGHTDRIVER is a thermal imaging camera system that provides nighttime visibility of people, objects or potential road hazards that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with headlights. NIGHTDRIVER allows users to see up to five times farther than standard headlights.

Thermal Eye 5000XP
The Thermal-Eye 5000XP is a high performance pan/tilt thermal imaging camera for mobile applications in the security, law enforcement and maritime markets. The 5000XP is an upgrade from the popular Thermal-Eye 4000B and now features 320 x 240 resolution.

Thermal Eye G100
The Thermal-Eye G100 thermal imaging camera core is ideally suited for vehicle and motion-oriented applications. It uses industry-leading Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) detector technology with 320x240 pixel array. The forward looking infrared (FLIR) G100 cameras have been fielded in military, fire, security, industrial and automotive enhanced-vision applications.

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