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Recon XL
Like the popular Recon XT, Infrared, Inc.'s new Recon XL is an affordable hand-held thermal imager with zoom, but with a 320 x 240 pixal array. It is easy to operate, compact, light weight and rugged. Detection to two miles and beyond with optional 2X/4X lens extender. Two year warrenty included!

Recon XT
The Recon XT is a compact, lightweight and rugged hand-held thermal imager suited for a range of applications including wildland and structure fire as well as security, surveillance, and law enforcement. It features high sensitivity and advanced image processing for increased scene detail in full motion real-time video, 2 times zoom and adjustable focus.

Thermal-Eye X100

The Thermal-Eye X100 is an affordable thermal imaging camera that sets the standard for durability and portability. It is easy to operate and was developed to withstand a rugged environment and use in the field, standing up to vibration and shock.

Thermal-Eye X200xp

The next generation of the world's smallest thermal imaging camera, the Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry's leading imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price.

Thermal-Eye 250D
The Thermal-Eye 250D features a 2X zoom and digital technology for improved imagery, and is a standard in handheld IR surveillance technology. Applications include: public safety, search and rescue, security, as well as wildland and exterior fire fighting.

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