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Recon XL
Like the popular Recon XT, Infrared, Inc.'s new Recon XL is an affordable hand-held thermal imager with zoom, but with a 320 x 240 pixal array. It is easy to operate, compact, light weight and rugged. Detection to two miles and beyond with optional 2X/4X lens extender. Two year warrenty included!

Recon XT
The Recon XT is a compact, lightweight and rugged hand-held thermal imager suited for a range of applications including wildland and structure fire as well as security, surveillance, and law enforcement. It features high sensitivity and advanced image processing for increased scene detail in full motion real-time video, 2 times zoom and adjustable focus.

Thermal Guard/IR

Dual camera enclosures designed for quick disconnect from the positioning platform. Cameras can be "swapped" at will without any change to the system GUI interface, and all camera functions are available immediately when the cameras are installed. Optional controller available.

CAM\IR 2400

The CAM\IR 2400 thermal imaging systems are suited to a variety of applications including: military, law enforcement, security, and covert operations. It features numerous options including dual image with a visual camera, pan and tilt, and computer automated detection with audio visual remote alarm, using Infrared, Inc.’s Thermatect™ and Thermofind™ software so that the operator doesn’t have to continuously monitor the system.

CAM\IR 2208
The Cam\IR 2208 Airborne Thermal Imager is for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft applications. It can be utilized for wildfire, search and rescue, offshore operations, surveillance missions, and power line monitoring applications.

CAM\IR 2200
The Cam\IR 2200 Airborne Thermal Imager is for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft applications. It can be utilized for wildfire, search and rescue, offshore operations, surveillance missions, and power line monitoring applications.

Thermal Security Camera

The Thermal Security Camera (TSC) and its infrared technology allows you to detect objects and movements hidden in the darkness and invisible to the naked eye. True infrared thermal imaging is the only video surveillance technology that allows you to detect intruders over long distances at night without any illumination.

Thermal-Eye 250D
The Thermal-Eye 250 Digital, takes thermal imaging to a whole new level. This stealth-black unit features a 2X zoom and digital technology for improved imagery. It is a standard in handheld IR surveillance technology. Applications include: public safety, search and rescue, security, as well as wildland and exterior fire fighting.

Thermal-Eye X200XP
The next generation of the world's smallest thermal imaging camera, the Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry's leading imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price.

Thermal-Eye X100

The Thermal-Eye X100 is an affordable thermal imaging camera that sets the standard for durability and portability. It is easy to operate and was developed to withstand a rugged environment and use in the field, standing up to vibration and shock.

Thermal-Eye 4000B
The Thermal-Eye 4000B is offered for the law enforcement, security and surveillance markets. The 4000B combines an infrared video camera with a pan and tilt positioning platform, which are operated via a cabled joystick controller and allow the operator to point the camera as needed. The infrared video image is displayed on any TV monitor. Designed to withstand the rigors of mobile and land-based outdoor environments.

Thermal-Eye 5000XP

The Thermal-Eye 5000XP is a high performance pan/tilt thermal imaging camera for mobile applications in the security, law enforcement and maritime markets. The 5000XP is an upgrade from the popular Thermal-Eye 4000B and now features 320 x 240 resolution.

CAM\IR 2500 Series
The 2500 Series of long-wave Uncooled Thermal Imagers offers unique advantages in compact all solution packages. The system utilizes its exterior case as an environmentally sealed housing, eliminating the need for additional enclosures. The system also has a built in front element defroster, which is automatically controlled. The all germanium optical system is designed to allow the uncooled sensor to operate at its maximum capability. The optical front element is protected with a diamond-like hard carbon coating designed for use in the harshest of environments, while the interior elements are coated with extremely high efficiency coatings increasing the overall transmission performance. The user friendly plug and play camera operation turns on with a working thermal picture, the first time and every time- without user intervention. The remote control capability permits ease of integration into any client-based system.

CAM\IR 2500-50
CAM\IR 2500-75
CAM\IR 2500-100
CAM\IR 2500-150

CAM\IR 3000 Series
The 3000 Series of mid-wave Thermal Imaging systems operate in the 3-5 micron spectral region, which is the best choice for marine, and high humidity environments. Our systems incorporate a 320 x 256 InSb cooled focal plane array having pixels with a 30 micron pitch. Housed in an environmental enclosure negates the need for additional housings to protect the thermal camera system. All functions are remotely controlled. Man sized target detection at reportable ranges in excess of 16km, with identification at an amazing 4km (in good conditions) far surpasses any other product available today. The optical designs and manufacturing processes developed over the last thirty years provides these camera systems with superior performance credentials.

CAM\IR 3000-50/250
CAM\IR 3000-100-250\500Z
CAM\IR 3000-250\500\1000

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